Israel’s Security Barrier

Israel’s Security Barrier is a hotly debated topic. Much like the Gaza blockade, it was instituted as an obvious felt necessity in light of many years of “Intifada” terror warfare carried out against Israeli civilians by various terror organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah , Islamic Jihad, and The Islamic Republic of Iran. But how effective has this defensive security measure been? How many innocent civilian lives has it managed to save? This graph below provides a very good indication as there is a very obvious negative correlation between the number of successfully carried out attacks and the percentage of the barrier that has bern completed. Please note that the barrier is only one of many equally important counter-terror measures that the State of Israel is forced to uphold. Intelligence and other measures cannot be downplayed in favor of a barrier alone.

judea samaria

The year before the construction of the security fence Israel experienced 59 terror attacks. In the first year of it’s construction Israel had erected the fence around most high risk neighbourhoods, thus reducing terror attacks by 58%. During 2009, with 60% of the fence completed, there was not one terror attack on Israel carried out from the West Bank.

Paired with the fact that both leading figures high up in Islamic Jihad and leading Hamas figures have themselves acknowledged that the barrier had “fended off” attempts at carrying out “quality attacks inside the Zionist Entity” (i.e. Israel), as well as the reported detrimental effects of removing checkpoints, the effectiveness and vital nature of the barrier for Israel´s security should be in plain sight for anyone to see. Anyone with a fair and honest mind, that is.

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